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BB was an extraordinary lurcher of mine. A wonderfully placid yet fun-loving and affectionate dog with an exceptionally high level of loyalty. At the age of 12, she suddenly developed symptoms of lethargy, inappetence, and disinterest in the world around her.


After a vet visit for blood testing, I was given the shocking and worrying news that she had chronic and severe kidney disease. Within a mere 3 days, she passed away. Why had this happened? Could I have stopped it from happening? Was it my fault she got kidney disease? So many questions - and very few answers. And so my personal journey with canine kidney disease began. I read everything I could find on the subject. I poured over research study papers, veterinary articles, asking questions from every expert I could find. 


That was many years ago. I am still learning new things about this hideous disease today. Everything I write, the various groups I am involved in, and every dog and their owner I hopefully help along the way ... is BB's legacy.