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The Canine Kidney Disease Group on FaceBook has almost 10,000 members worldwide. This is where you will find me and scores of others every day answering members' questions, offering support and information. It is a superb resource and community and I can highly recommend it for dog owners whose pets may have been diagnosed recently or some time ago.

The DogAware website is a rich source of up-to-date information on canine kidney disease and an excellent starting place for dog owners that want to begin the learning curve. 

The International Renal Interest Society website has very detailed information on this disease and is a reference for many vets. It also has a section on how to stage kidney disease and the elements needed to undertake this process accurately.

DogFoodAdvisor does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a constantly updated site for identifying the best to worst dry and wet dog foods. Its excellent analysis reports and star rating system guide dog owners to the most suitable products on the market.

Ron Hines DVM PhD has produced an amazing website containing all of his excellent articles on various canine and feline health conditions. But of particular help is the detailed blood and urine test value explanations, given concisely and with expertise.

When dogs with kidney disease are sporadically not eating and losing weight, it is very useful to know whether the type of food and the amount being given is correct for your dog. The Pet Nutrition Alliance supplies a very good calorie counter to help.

When comparing the amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc. in wet dog food it is essential to convert them to dry-matter so that one product can be accurately compared with another. This dry-matter calculator from Paw Diet does just that.

When dogs with kidney disease need an effective phosphate binder because blood phosphorous is too high in blood test reports, I very often recommend aluminium hydroxide. It is sometimes hard to find in the UK but here's where you can get it.

ThrivingPets supplies one of the most cost-effective and highest quality aluminium hydroxide phosphate binders on the market. It is available to order in the USA, but do ask about their delivery costs for other countries where AH may not be available.